Phil B on the best parts of 2011

Phillip B. Wilson is writing a two-parter on the good and bad of this season.  You’re lucky that he’s starting with the positives:

* I would enjoy P Pat McAfee even if he didn’t do his job well, which he did. The team funny man was solid when it was time to be serious. He set a franchise record with a 46.6-yard punting average. He had 41 touchbacks on 60 kickoffs (68.3 percent), which is under his camp-stated goal of 80 percent, but still decent. And at least that gives him something to shoot for in 2012. Oh, and Mac had eight special-teams tackles. At least half of those probably saved TDs, maybe more.

There were some other highlights, which Phil nails, but I admit it was fun watching a punter tackle.  Pat did a great job this year.