Phil B: Fooled us too

Several members of the media reported that Caldwell would be retained while others merely said it was their opinion. Some told us they thought he would be fired. Yet no one was certain of the outcome until Jim Irsay pointed us to the Colts website which announced the news.

That secrecy impressed Phillip B. Wilson even if some in the media were caught off-guard:

So we tell people what we think. Not always what we know or what we think we know if the source is shaky. Thinking isn’t enough. We need sources who are credible to stick our necks out there. Someone says something, but if we aren’t sure it’s legit, well, we can’t just run with it and work on the 60-point bold headline. Not lifting us up compared to others in the media, but we walk the fine line of how news is reported and we do have higher standards than most when it comes to sourcing.

That’s why I’m surprised about today. It’s probably the first time since I’ve been around here in 11 years that every indication pointed one direction on something major, then we found out the opposite. Heck, even when the Polians were fired, we had a hunch on that about 24 hours prior to Irsay making that call.

Todd Smith

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