Phil B approves

Phillip B. Wilson liked much of what he saw from Ryan Grigson’s first press conference as the Colts GM.  Among them was his humility:

That brings us to salary cap realities. I liked that Grigson didn’t try to pass himself off as an expert. He admitted it’s an area where he doesn’t have a lot of experience. But like everything else, he will attack and learn. Will he make mistakes? Sure. Everybody does. But the confidence in which he approaches every aspect of his job should resonate in this key area, too. Managing the cap could be one of the most arduous tasks he has to undertake. But something tells me he will figure it out.

Todd Smith

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Todd Smith is a part-time sportswriter who spends too much time arguing on Twitter. What he really loves is eating poorly and watching football. He got his first Colts t-shirt in 1984 shortly after the Mayflower trucks arrived and has never given up on his hometown team. He also still holds to the belief that Kordell Stewart stepped out of the end zone and thus cheated the Colts.