Peyton and Freeney on ESPN’s NFL Any Era List

The Any Era list includes the 20 current players who ESPN believes could excel in any era of the NFL.  Jim Brown on Peyton’s ability to perform:

With two minutes left, Peyton Manning is a terror. He’s as tough as they come. He has it in the last two minutes of a game, when they have to come from behind or when he has to rally his team.

John Clayton thinks Freeney will get considered for the Hall of Fame. On what makes him legendary, though:

His spin moves are legendary. But what makes him old-school is how quick he comes back from injuries.

This list already has lost credibility with me, as it includes Tim Tebow higher than Manning. It’s also disappointing when evaluators can’t just evaluate the subject, but have to compare him to the person who we can all guess who will likely be #1. Ugh.