Patriots or Broncos? Either way, Colts to be tested

That was fun, right? I'll keep this short, because I'm still slightly shocked after yesterday's … game? What would you call that? My vote's on 'divine intervention' or 'Andy Reid's personal hell', but regardless? Best game of the year. Best performance by Andrew Luck. You get the idea.

Anyway, it's midway through the San Diego/Cincy game, but Mike Wells has a bit on how the Colts are watching today's game (via ESPN).

“I’m not sure there’s much of a difference,” Colts linebacker Jerrell Freeman said. “Both of them do a lot of things. Both of them make a lot of checks at the line of scrimmage. They both have some pretty good offenses. It doesn’t matter who we play it’s going to be a tough battle.” The Colts will travel to New England if the Chargers are able to pull off the upset. They’ll go to Denver for a rematch against Manning if the Bengals win. 

To put yesterday's win into perspective, my younger brother – probably the most intense sports fan I know – lost it after Luck's third pick, and went upstairs. Upon hearing that the Colts were coming back, and seeing those Bud Light commercials every third ad, he decided to stay upstairs for the rest of the game, even refusing to come back down when Indy took the lead.

I dunno. Something clicked, and while I have my suspicions, I made sure to thank Joe for keeping the football gods happy yesterday.