Pagano looks to keep it simple

If anyone thinks they can figure what Chuck Pagano intends to do with the Colts confused defense they’d better think again:

“Our motto is simple me, complex you. To say I’m a 3-4 guy, we want to build a defense that’s flexible. It’s going to be simple for our guys to execute, but when offenses prepare for it on Sundays it’s going to look very complex to them,” Pagano previewed.

“Having said that, just because we line up and they say we’re a 3-4 team, we may be a 4-3 team on first down, we can be an odd 3-4 look on second down and the lord only knows on third-and-7-plus. That’s our goal.”

He’ll keep it simple, play to the roster’s strengths and be aggressive. On that you can count.