Only med staff can see Manning throw

When GM Ryan Grigson and new head coach Chuck Pagano said they had not seen Peyton Manning throw they were being quite honest, albeit they didn’t give you the whole story. They actually are forbidden by the collective bargaining agreement from seeing him throw:

The problem, the Colts told NFL Network’s Albert Breer, is that no team officials outside of medical personnel can watch Manning throw until April because of rules in the new collective bargaining agreement. Since Manning failed his exit physical after neck surgery, only trainers are permitted to observe him and can report back, but by rule can’t tape any workouts.

So owner Jim Irsay, general manager Ryan Grigson and coach Chuck Pagano won’t have a firsthand look at how Manning is performing before March 8, the deadline for the team to decide whether or not to pay him a $28 million roster bonus.

That’s not to say the Colts were intentionally misleading anyone by not mentioning this fact. Rather, the more disconcerting point is that the team will have to take a $28 million leap of faith based soley on gut instinct, emotion and the word of their training staff.

To me, this fact doesn’t bode well for Manning’s future in Indianapolis.

Todd Smith

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