Nuggets from Grigson press conference

Paul Kuharsky points out some interesting nuggets among the Grigsonisms including a few notes that essentially say the Colts are taking Luck yet don’t know seemingly know how to do so in this modern era:

On plans to see the top quarterbacks:“We saw (Robert Griffin III). Circumstances didn’t allow us to do anything private with him, so we did the usual pro day. We did the best we could with that situation. We do have a private workout that we’re scheduling with Andrew (Luck) in the future, which will be here in the upcoming weeks.” 

On starting negotiations with the number one draft pick early: “No. We’re going to do it the old fashion way, and that’s not something that’s been discussed at this point about how we would go about that. I think we’ll do it like team[s] always have and keep it simple.”

I’m utterly confused. They need to avoid a holdout. I’m not suggesting Luck would do so but in the last few years teams have wrapped up the contract neatly before the draft. In this era of simplified rookie contracts this seems like a no-brainer. Maybe I’m giving the front-office too much credit there.