Nose tackles not as important

Many fans worry about the need for a 3-4 nose tackle; the traditional zero technique monster the Colts currently lack. Pro Football Focus notes while looking back on Aubrayo Franklin’s lackluster free agency last year that our pass-friendly league doesn’t value prototypical nose tackles as they did in the past. Rather, teams are seeking versatility from their big men:

In a different era, Aubrayo Franklin may have been the most sought after free agent. Nowadays, his lack of versatility and the rule changes that have made the game more pass-friendly mean we’re in the kind of NFL where teams would rather pass on, than pay pure zero-technique tackles on the wrong side of 30. Still, the crop of guys about to hit the market and their agents will have learned from the fall of Franklin in August last year as team after team passed him by. They stand to possibly lower their demands and accentuate how they can’t be as pigeon-holed as the former 49ers defensive linemen was. Maybe, just maybe, this will see all three get the kind of deals that Franklin missed out on.