NFL on Luck’s INT: “We didn’t get the play right”

Luck's pick-6 against Tennessee was a really controversial play. Maybe it wasn't discussed a lot because the Colts won the game in the end.

The play was very clear on the replays shown in TV. It was a sack, not an interception. It didn't matter. The refs called it a pick-6 even after reviewing the play. 

It was really clear for everyone watching, even for the NFL itself:

“No, we didn’t get the play right,’’ Dean Blandino, the NFL’s director of instant replay, said on NFL Network. “An error was made.’’

Despite the availability of the appropriate video angle of the play, “the referee never got a look at this angle because the replay official didn’t send it down to the field.

That’s something that we’re going to work on and we have been working on to make sure it doesn’t happen again.’’

That is just ridiculous. The replay official didn't send the best video angle down to the field. I wonder why…

"Blandino said the replay official didn’t believe the definitive replay angle conclusively showed whether the football was out of Luck’s hand as his knee touched the ground."

I mean, seriously? It was a pretty huge play. You would expect the officials to consider every single angle on such an important play. I mean, that's why the NFL has so many cameras out there. You want as many angles as possible for plays like that.

But no. Some official thought the best angle was useless. 

At least the NFL admits the mistake. Thanks, I guess.