Gabbert to Start

A bit late, but according to, Blaine Gabbert stands to start against the Indianapolis Colts after missing the last two games. In other words, in games this year in which BG's thrown a pass, Jacksonville has scored 2 points. Ouch.

That means the bench for Chad Henne, who was 43-of-76 passing for 476 yards and one touchdown with two interceptions in back-to-back losses to the Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks. Henne's 6.2 yards per pass attempt are ugly, but it's all-star material next to Gabbert's 3.5 against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 1.

The Jaguars want to find out, once and for all, if Gabbert has the skills to lead Jacksonville out of the wilderness. The team clearly is in the conversation for another quarterback in May's draft, but it was just two years ago when they used the 10th overall pick on Gabbert.

There's a really funny interview in which BG is asked why Jacksonville should take him in the draft. His response: "If you don't, I'll be beating you for the next ten years." (or something to that effect). On days like this, it's tough not to feel sorry for Jacksonville.