NBC: Colts not Trading for WIdeout Before Deadline

I mean. There's not much more than that, but here's the complete story via NBC.

“We decided to stand pat,” Pagano said of his receiving options, according to Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star.

That puts a lot of pressure on offseason acquisition Darrius Heyward-Bey (or more accurately, on quarterback Andrew Luck), and the Colts are sorting through options such as LaVon Brazill and Griff Whalen to be the third behind T.Y. Hilton.

To be honest, were Hilton, D.H.B, and Brazill not all the same type of receiver, the Colts would be in good shape. With Whalen, Indy might have a good slot receiver with TD potential; that is, of course, assuming he stay healthy.

My concern isn't in their current squad; it's in the fragility of their current squad.

If Coby Fleener gets injured, the Colts are down to one decent receiving option down low (outside of runningbacks). Andrew Luck will throw deep, but the only way to give their defense some rest is to draw out drives. It killed them against San Diego. Against teams like Kansas City, it could do the same thing.

If T.Y. Hilton goes down – even for a week – the Colts are screwed offensively. D.H.B. is not great in tough coverage, because tougher coverage = tighter throws = D.H.B. relying on his hands to make the catch. Luck can place it right, but D.H.B. has never had the hands to make those tough plays. Hilton can when he and Luck are in sync, but his presence is most useful in giving defenses something else to think about.

Alternately, with the run game in shambles (not entirely Trent Richardson's fault), Indy needs their passing game more than ever now. With their current set, they have just enough guys to keep defenses guessing. Just enough.