Nate on the two year rebuild

Nate Dunlevy and I both believe this team not only can, but must rebuild in two years. We also agree that the Colts have solved their one glaring problem quite convincingly:

If Andrew Luck is destined to be a good pro, let alone a great one, the Colts will be in solid shape offensively in just a couple of years.

The single biggest factor that leads to long rebuild windows is a mistake at the QB position. If a team blows an early pick on a dud, the rebuild can take five to six years.

Likewise, he points out that in Luck’s second year it would take a major gaffe by the front office and/or coaching staff for this team to languish around the 6 win mark. They’ll have more cap space than any other team after next season and should be able to address the gaping holes in the secondary. I’d add the possibility of injury derailing the rebuild as well. Still, overall there’s very little reason to think this team won’t be back in contention within two years.