Nate goes geek, gives out awards

One of the reasons we all love Nate Dunlevy is his effortless ability to combine a deep love of pop culture with football. More than one of you are gamers (Scott I’m looking at you), most of us have seen Star Wars more times than George Lucas and just about all of you get every cheesy joke Greg and I make during a podcast about obscure movies.

Nate caters to the geeks of our world with his “Way Too-Early Awards” for the Colts. That’s right–he’s handing out some very special hardware before these guys even complete OTAs:

The Wedge Antilles Award (Offensive MVP)

Reggie Wayne has never been the star of the show, but if there are fireworks going off, he probably had some part to play in them. Wayne is going to be the emotional core of the 2012 Colts. I doubt he’ll have impressive stats by the end, but it’s his job to lead the team and teach the young guys what winning means in the NFL.