Myers: Seattle Gameplan, vs. Indy

EYES OF THE ENEMY this week, and given Indy's success against predictable gameplans (San Fransisco and Jacksonville) and their … lack of success against surprises (Terrell Pryor, Miami), it'll be important for them to sniff out the Seahawk's plan early. Meanwhile, Keith Myers has Seattle's outlook via Bleacher Report.

Account for Robert Mathis on Every Play

Robert Mathis is the Colts' best pass-rusher, but as a linebacker he can come from anywhere on the field on any play. The Seahawks can't afford to lose track of where he is lined up on any passing play.

Over the past couple of weeks, teams have had success against Seattle by bringing their speed rushers inside against left guard James Carpenter. Carpenter is a powerful run-blocker, but lacks the lateral quickness to effectively block speed rushers like Mathis one-on-one. 

Could we see a repeat of last week, in which Mathis opened up on Jacksonville's line? To be honest, a lot of that will depend on the play of Aubrayo Franklin, who played well last week and opened Jacksonville's line up to pass rushers like Mathis. Thing is, Russell Wilson is a lot smarter than Blaine Gabbert, and won't flee the pocket at every given chance … like BG did last week.

In other words, I'm not optimistic about Mathis posting the same stat line – but it's Robert Mathis. I wouldn't be surprised.