Mudd on Grigson

Bob Kravitz reached out to former Colts coach and current Eagles coach Howard Mudd to get the low-down on Ryan Grigson:

Mudd, a former Colts offensive line coach who is now with the Philadelphia Eagles, was among the many people who shared a glowing recommendation with owner Jim Irsay.

“I don’t think he’ll go in there and start running people off,” said Mudd, who worked with Grigson in Philadelphia. “He’s going to roll up his sleeves and work. He’s going to take his time, and he’s going to make smart decisions.”

“He’s one of those guys who never undermined anybody or used politics to get where he’s gotten,” Mudd said. “He’s done it the hard way. The right way.”

Will Mudd return with Grigson as some have suggested?