Mortensen: Chuck Pagano could return this season

The Colts are definitely one of the most inspirational stories in sports in 2012. The absence of Colts HC Chuck Pagano was a devastating blow for the franchise and their fans.

However, it has motivated the Colts to a point where they have a one game lead over Pittsburgh and Cincinnati for a Wildcard spot. 

His emotional appearance and speech after the win against Miami has been one of the highlights of the season so far.  

Now, after a win against Buffalo, we have even better news. From ESPN's Chris Mortensen, now there's hope Pagano could return this season:


"After the second of three chemotherapy sessions went surprisingly well, he was allowed to go home for the holiday and held his newborn baby granddaughter, Zoe — checking in at 9 pounds,” Mortensen reported. “Sources said doctors affirmed to Pagano he's in complete remission of his leukemia. One final chemo session starts Friday, and it's possible Pagano will return to the sidelines ahead of schedule, though his wife, Tina, is safeguarding his ambitions. Keep watch. Chuckstrong is stronger."

Obviously, this doesn't guarantee anything but it's fantastic to know Pagano is winning this tough battle.

The Colts didn't need any more inspiration for the season but you can expect they will play harder than ever for the rest of the season. 

This season was already magical for the Colts. It just got a lot better.