More questions than answers

It’s clear at this that my irrationality is in the driver’s seat. My head (and coincidentally the statistics) say that next year should be one of low expectations. In fact, my head agrees 100% with Nate’s opinion of what we should expect. My heart however is going with Greg Cowan’s prediction of a playoff appearance. As Rohan says, where’s the fun in being rational.

That said, Phil B. and Zak Keefer brought me back to reality with the simple fact that at this point, we have many more questions than answers about this new era Colts team starting with the biggest question mark:

Jerraud Powers is the only proven cornerback, and the Colts missed on a couple in the draft. While the team can’t fix everything at once, it’s the No. 1 obvious need. And it’s not just about who plays the other side. Who will be nickel back?