More Grades: Colts Report Card From CBS Sports

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Evan Hilbert of gives his postgame unit-by-unit grades of the Colts after their big win over the Packers.  In pleasant contrast to what we saw in weeks 1 and 3, almost everyone earned high marks, from the coaches to the defense to Donald Brown: 

Running back Donald Brown was solid, too, behind a seriously banged up offensive line, and quarterback Andrew Luck got settled in the second half, as well, passing for a total of 362 yards and two touchdowns.

Sunday’s comeback was a classic game that, while the players are going back to work to focus on the Jets, the fans can enjoy all week long.  So, enjoy the win, and click on some post-game grades from Evan Hilbert. 


If you’d like to know why I think Hilbert isn’t off base complimenting Donald Brown, get this: Through 4 games, Donald Brown has 60 carries for 239 yards and is averaging an even 4.0 yards per carry.  His Green Bay counterpart, Cedric Benson, who many refer to as a solid running back, has, through 5 games, 71 carries for 248 yards and averages 3.5 yards per rush, with a slightly lower career average ypc than Brown (3.8 to Brown’s 4.1).  I don’t mean to say that Brown is great (he isn’t, really), or that Benson is lousy (he’s not).  But we as Colts fans are awfully rough on a guy who, as Kyle Rodriguez pointed out, can make a 3 yard gain after getting hit 3 yards deep in the backfield.  He’s a decent blitz blocker (No, not as good as Edgerrin James, but Edge was one of the best ever at stone-walling a linebackers), and a pretty good running back who can be explosive in the open field.  We, as fans who were hoping for another Polian-era star when Brown arrived, tend to watch and wait for his mistakes.  It’s a new era.  Let’s give this young man a chance.  Speed backs struggle when the offensive line struggles, and, as we can see with Benson, so do some of the stronger running backs.  (Stats from