Moore: Take Luck!

If there’s one guy who knows how to compare Andrew Luck and the man he likely will replace it’s Tom Moore. Moore, instrumental to Peyton Manning’s success, has recently spent some time working with Luck leading up the draft. After seeing both Moore emphatically told NBC’s Michelle Tafoya the Colts shouldn’t think twice about selecting Luck:

MOORE:  Andrew Luck doesn’t need a mentor.  I’ve never bought into the theory that you learn by watching.  I think all that stuff is really overrated.  Is he going to make mistakes?  Yeah, who hasn’t?  But I know Andrew’s a strong enough person that he’s going to handle the comparisons [to Manning], and he’ll handle it perfect.

MT:  What do you make of the reports that the Colts are considering taking Robert Griffin III with the top pick?

MOORE:  This kid [Luck] is the first pick in the first round and there’s no question about it.  I would draft him and I would never look back.

Among the notes Moore made are that Luck has the ability to run the no-huddle, audible at the line and is a good fit for Bruce Arians.