Mike Wells: The Read-Option, vs. Indy’s Defense

Pop quiz: of Terrelle Pryor, Ryan Tannehill, and Colin Kaepernick, who would you rather not play against? And, you know, after suffering near-defeat and defeat at the hands of the first two, how excited is everyone to face Mr. Kaepernick on the road?

Answer: *sobs quietly*

This week, the Colts are set to play Oakland 2.0; in that, I mean that, like Oakland, Kaepernick runs the ball. The difference: against San Francisco, Kaepernick will be pulling the option out of plays instead of improvising them (and isn't Terrelle Pryor, unfortunately). San Francisco has a damn good offense when outside of Seattle, and the Colts will have to do everything in their power to prepare for it. Mike Wells has all that, and more, in greater detail via ESPN.

“Just make sure he’s not comfortable,” defensive lineman Ricky Jean Francois, a teammate of Kaepernick’s last season in San Francisco, said of Indianapolis' approach. “Make sure you get him off his point. If you let him stay on his point, as you can see with the Green Bay game, he can get to rolling. Then if you let him add his legs, you know he’s got the most ridiculous stride, almost like he’s Usain Bolt running.” 

On a positive note, Indy's defense can't stop anyone this season, so they have experience in that regard.