Mike Wells: Colts Offense, Needs More Chances

In tune with Kyle's Bleacher Report article (re: Coby Fleener), Mike Wells mentions Indy's biggest problem on Sunday: they couldn't get their offense on the field. While that basically lays out a blueprint for anyone looking to beat Indy, it also gives the Colts something to work on over the next few weeks. Wells writes, in his NFL Nation article (for ESPN):

The Colts tied the Raiders and Carolina for the fewest offensive possessions in the league with only eight in Week 1. One possession was the final one of the game when the Colts took two knees. Baltimore had the most drives with 17, followed by Peyton Manning and Denver with 16 drives in Week 1. The league average in Week 1 was 12 offensive possessions.

Week one was … weird. Seattle now seems like an easier game, depending on Carolina's success in Buffalo … who might actually be half decent, unless New England's really gone downhill. And Cleveland was supposed to be decent, so Miami might be good – but then again, the Colts took care of business against the Browns in the preseason, so does that make Oakland a decent team after all?


And meanwhile, the Colts are set up to play Miami (good, against … Cleveland?), San Fran (scary, as advertised), Jacksonville (the opposite of San Fran as advertised), and Seattle. 

I could see Indy at 4-1. I could see them at 2-3. Like most (rational) analysts are saying, week one doesn't make or break any team; there's still a lot of football to be played … but there's nothing substantial to draw from Miami and Seattle. I have no idea what Indy's up against this week, but I doubt it'll be easy.