Mike Wells: Colt’s Defense Making a Stand

You can't score 37 points without a good offense – and to that effect, Indy's offense did have a good game yesterday. Thing is, because of their defense over the last two weeks, they didn't need to. In fact – have fun with this – Indy has allowed the second fewest points in the AFC and the 5th least in the league. Three of those five teams have only played three games. Indy has allowed about 304 yards/game, 8th best in the league.

Mike Wells has the lowdown via ESPN, highlighting a key point: sure, it was Jacksonville, but Indy hasn't played well against their division rival in the past. Gabbert (before Sunday) was 3-1 against Indy; MJD was averaging over 100 yards a game. The Jaguars play well against Indy – typically – and hence, yesterday's victory should go down as a very important win.

Indianapolis’ defense spent the week leading up to the game talking about containing running back Maurice Jones-Drew, who went into Sunday averaging 106.8 yards in 13 games against the Colts. Jones-Drew was never a factor Sunday. The Colts bottled him up and held him to 23 yards on 13 carries. 

That meant the Jaguars were forced to try to beat the Colts through the air with an unimpressive Blaine Gabbert at quarterback. And that played into the hands of Davis and fellow cornerback Greg Toler. 

One slight issue yesterday. Greg Toler had a very quiet game, recording a single tackle and … nothing else. In fact, the only time Indy's DB got into the game was to break up a pass in the endzone … which he didn't, actually … and then taunted the receiver for no reason, giving the Jags 1st and goal.

This hasn't been a one-time thing.

Toler looks decent this season, and limits receivers quite a bit, but the few times he's been challenged – eg. Miami – he's looked somewhat lost. Worst of all, he acts like Ray Lewis – if Lewis were a second rate DB without stats to back up his steroid-driven lunacy. If the play goes to Toler, you can expect one of two things:

1. Incomplete pass, no thanks to Toler (result: Toler starts jumping around like a bloody idiot).
2. Complete pass (result: Toler starts jumping around like a bloody idiot).

I'm not saying that Indy should start Darius Butler on Sunday, but six tackles, a pass deflection, and a pick-6 looks a lot better than one tackle and a stupid penalty.