McNary, the Army Man

With all the hype surrounding guys who a) probably won't be heard of after week 1, and b) shouldn't, it still comes as an intrigue when a former army lieutenant decides to try out for Pro-Football. The new outside-linebacker (I guess Indy decided they were thin there?) recorded 28 sacks for Army while in college.

Chuck Pagano had McNary introduce himself to the team and talk about where the soldier has been while serving in the military. "After all that was said and done, (Pagano) made the parallel between the Army and that team, and the team that we have here," McNary said.

It says a lot that the Colts gave him a shot. He set an Army record with 28 career sacks. At 6-0, 251 pounds, the pass rusher from Houston will see if he can knock enough rust off his football legs to show he can be a pro.

Seriously, is this year turning into a Hollywood story? A young team brings in a rugby player from across the world and recruits an army lieutenant, in the hopes of bringing glory to a rebuilding franchise. Imagine everything that happened between last year and this year, throw them together, and … movie rights.