McAfee Lights up Denver Return Man: GIF

Trindon Holliday probably wouldn't have gone for a touchdown on Sunday – he was drifting dangerously close to the sideline – but Pat McAfee's hit sealed the deal. For those who somehow missed Sunday's game, the 'story' and GIF are here.

In one of the wildest, and brutal, plays that you will ever see from a kicker, after the Colts had scored a touchdown following a Denver turnover, McAfee kicked the ball off. Denver return specialist Trindon Holliday decided that it would be a good idea to bring it out of the end zone.

While it highlighted McAfee's best game as a Colt, it was one of two monster hits during the game. Towards the end of the second half, Luck connected with Coby Fleener downfield; the TE turned, ran a few feet, and tried to hurdle a Denver safety.

He was fine – and scored a touchdown a few plays later – but, were the NFL still doing a 'jacked up' segment, Fleener and Holliday would have been clear candidates.