Mayock: Manning > Luck

Mike Mayock loves Andrew Luck but doesn’t consider him a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity:

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock is a big Andrew Luck fan. Luck is the top player on Mayock’s board, and Luck’s passion for the game reminds Mayock of Peyton Manning and Matt Ryan.

Mayock just doesn’t see Luck as some sort of “once in a lifetime” prospect like others have indicated.  (Yes, others means ESPN in this case.) Mayock compared Luck’s talent level more to someone like Sam Bradford.

Of course Greg Gabriel of the National Football Post disagrees:

Where I disagree with Mayock is when he compares Luck favorably to Bradford. I don’t think its even close there. Bradford was an excellent quarterback at Oklahoma but he did not have the skill set that Luck has. One of the things that separates Luck from others is the offense he runs. Many college offenses, especially some of the spread offenses, are not that complex. That’s not the case at Stanford. The Stanford offense is more complex than many in the NFL today. Running that system gives Luck a huge advantage over other quarterbacks coming out of college.

Is Luck a “once in a lifetime?” No, but who is? He is a once in every 10 years guy…and that’s pretty darn good!

Todd Smith

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