Mathis, via “We have the tools to get it done.”

NFL has a story on DPOY finalist Robert Mathis, who opened up about what he thought of Indy's chances next year. Whether he's slightly biased towards Indy's cause, or secretly knows something none of us do …

… anyway, the full article and video, via, is here.

Mathis pointed to the growth of young Andrew Luck and a developing defense that proved early in the season that Peyton Manning's Broncos were mortal. Mathis spoke about that game — a 39-33 victory over Denver in Week 7 — telling of how Indy's pass rushers got to Manning when nobody else could.

"I would give our DBs a lot of credit," Mathis said. "You have to be physical with their receivers, try to get them off track, disrupt their timing — and they gave us that extra second we needed to get to the quarterback."

Vegas is giving Indy a 28/1 chance of winning the Superbowl next year, tied with Kansas City. Still, insider sources see this as a slight, seeing as KC went 0-6 against legitimate playoff teams this year (outside of Philly), and Indy went 3-1 against the four conference finalists – but who knows?

Speaking of, Atlanta and Carolina are both 25/1. The Falcons went 4-12 this year, losing to teams like the New York Jets and Tampa Bay. The Panthers were the only NFC playoff team to beat an AFC playoff team in the regular season (feel free to look this up). Anyway, I thought this was a bit odd.