Marvez: Manning a goner

Alex Marvez agrees with Bob Kravitz: the Caldwell firing is step 2 in a 3 part process. That third part? Releasing Manning:

The latter hasn’t happened yet, but it’s assuredly coming. Peyton Manning’s contract dictates the Colts must wait until March before they can officially say adieu.

Don’t be fooled by new general manager Ryan Grigson’s proclamation that Tuesday’s decision to fire head coach Jim Caldwell isn’t tied to Manning’s eventual fate. It’s naïve to believe Manning’s future is “something that has not been discussed” internally, as Grigson proclaimed during a news conference. That would require one to believe the topic wasn’t broached during Grigson’s recent job interview with Colts owner Jim Irsay.

Trust me: They didn’t spend hours dissecting the rock ‘n’ roll song lyrics Irsay quotes on Twitter.

I couldn’t disagree more.  That doesn’t mean I believe Manning is returning.  What I believe to be true is that the Colts will make the decision independent of the coaching and GM decision. Manning must be healthy to return.  Until the Colts know that the rest is speculation. What the Colts will not do is toss a healthy Manning aside as a result of firing Caldwell.

Todd Smith

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