Manning says decision coming soon

Peyton Manning knows this isn’t the time to talk about his future but he certainly is encouraged by his health:

Speaking to ESPN, Manning made it clear no decision will come this week, and that he won’t discuss his future during Super Bowl week. He’s having dinner with Colts owner Jim Irsay at a social event Thursday but doesn’t expect to discuss his contract status.

“I think Jim’s on 16-hour days,” Manning said. “As the host owner, there are certain obligations, but it’ll happen soon and I’m sure y’all will know when it does.

“Jim and I talk constantly. We really do. After this week’s over, we’ll do it and we’ll make a plan from there.”

Despite speculation about retirement, Manning said, “I’m very encouraged with what (the doctors) have said. … Everything looks good that I’ll be cleared and ready to go. So that’s encouraging to me.”

Sounds like a guy who plans on playing to me.