Manning’s Tribute Video, from Sunday’s Game

I was busy hurriedly preparing popcorn at the time, but for those (like me) who missed the tribute video Sunday, comes to the rescue.

Logically, could Sunday's game have gone any better? The Colts win, Luck shines, Manning still looks good, and the game has instantly turned into a classic. Wayne's injury did put a sour tone on things, so in that regard, yes – it could have gone better. But speaking from a contextually closed point of view:

– turnovers were huge. For both sides.
– touchdowns were huge. For both sides.
– Denver, despite being down, was never out of the game.
– yeah: Indy in Detroit or against Green Bay last year made for better games. Heck, those are two of the most memorable games I've ever seen. But after Sunday, does anyone doubt Luck's potential to go down as a historic great?

I can see them replaying this game years from now, as the point when Andrew Luck stepped into the spotlight as a truly elite quarterback.

Also, quickly: while Denver lost, does no one remember that Kansas City only beat Houston by one point at home? Houston's power ranked around 25-30 in most places; why is no one talking about how close they came to serving the Chiefs their first loss? Is KC really a good team? The best in the league?

In the AFC, the Colts have seen their division (outside of Indy) go 0-9 in the last three weeks. By the end of next week, they will probably/certainly be at 0-10. Besides Indy, the AFC South has easily become the worst division in the AFC. Tennessee will finish the season around .500, if only due to their schedule.