Manning #2 in Colts front office?

Jim Litke of the Associated Press makes the claim that Polian’s ouster means Manning is second only to Irsay in the organization:

There was no question someone had to take the fall for Indy’s unmitigated disaster of a season, but the heavy favorite was coach Jim Caldwell. Chances are good that he, too, will be gone soon enough, since whoever assumes the front-office role shared by Polian, the vice chairman, and his son, Chris, the general manager, is likely to insist on choosing his own coach. That left Peyton Manning as the one — and maybe only — guy in Indianapolis who still commands owner Jim Irsay’s unwavering loyalty. Everyone involved insisted the moves weren’t triggered by a power struggle — Irsay dropped the phrase, “It was time” more than once during his opening statement — but removed any doubt about who the No. 2 man was in the Colts’ organization.