Luck needs help

The consensus is that Andrew Luck needs lots of help to become successful in Indianapolis. Given the roster situation many hope that Luck’s favorite target at Stanford, tight end Coby Fleener, falls to the second round. If appears unlikely to happen Paul Kuharsky argues that trading extra picks to move up for Fleener is a bad move:

Yes, they could trade up late in the first without involving next year’s first. But there is a strong counter to that to, in that they can’t afford to give up a lot of picks for a mover, because they have a lot of need. I love Fleener and think he’d be great for them. But I’ll bet he disappears somewhere in the 20s, and it would be hard to get up there to get him while sacrificing picks that could be used to address a slew of other needs. So I think they’d have to go up more than four spots, and the price will be more than Detroit paid the Vikings for that four-spot move.