Luck interview with Clark Judge

Clark Judge of CBS Sports was able to interview Andrew Luck after the first day of minicamp in Indianapolis. There's a lot of great nuggets in the interview, including him talking about how he wants to improve in 2013

Luck: "Yeah, it's a cliché, but (I want to improve) everything — especially accuracy. A lot of that comes with footwork and understanding football. I think I have a better understanding than I did at this time last year, which I would hope to be the case. There are certain times where I went out last year where I felt … not that I wasn't prepared … but that it was really hard to see things. It got natural as the year went on, and I think that's natural for a young quarterback. So it was footwork in terms of accuracy, and there's always red-zone and getting touchdowns in the red zone. After watching a lot of games — all of the games, really — you realize the chance to score touchdowns, not field goals, in the red zone is a big deal."

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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