Luck in Pro Bowl, like he probably should be

I say "probably" because Andrew Luck wasn't really in the top-6 statistically, for any category. His stats this year were actually somewhat underwhelming: 12th in completions, 11th in attempts, 24th in completion percentage, 13th in yards. 15th in touchdowns. Despite that, his play itself – with the Colts, a team with the second most games lost to injury in the league – was enough to turn out 11 wins, including four against the Chiefs, Broncos, Seahawks, and 49ers. has more on the story.

In the AFC Wild Card win over the Kansas City Chiefs (1/4/14), Luck led the Colts to the second-largest comeback in NFL postseason history after trailing by 28 points in the second half. His 443 passing yards marked the second-most in franchise postseason history and the fifth-most in NFL postseason history. His four touchdown passes in the game tied for the second-most in franchise postseason history.

Regardless, it's a shame Luck wasn't voted in sooner; his accomplishments, on the team he leads, were (in my mind) greater than most of the quarterbacks who actually made the Pro Bowl. Consider this: midseason, following Reggie Wayne's injury against Denver, Indy's starting wideout was Darrius Heyward-Bey.

Darrius Heyward-Bey. For leading his team to any more wins, Luck should have been considered for MVP.