Luck goes early in the Pro Bowl draft, for those following

Good things happened this year. Robert Mathis had a career year, the Colts – while inconsistent at times – proved that they could play with every team in the league, including both Superbowl teams … oh, and Luck was finally established as the best young quarterback in the NFL.

I can say that here, because our site isn't riddled by Seahawks fans telling me how Russel Wilson is a better passer than Luck; as far as stats go, A.L. had more attempts, completions, and yards … and less turnovers (Wilson had 8 fumbles alone this year). Meanwhile, Seattle had the league's best defense, fourth best rushing atta- wait, who am I arguing with? Anyway, it therefore comes as no surprise that Luck was picked early in the Pro Bowl draft.

Luck playing for Team Sanders puts him on the same team led by his head coach in Indianapolis, Chuck Pagano. Luck said that will help him as players get accustomed to Pagano's style. Quarterbacks Nick Foles and Alex Smith were the last players taken. Sanders selected Foles, and Smith was then assigned to Rice as the final pick — nine years after being the top choice overall in the NFL draft.

As a word of caution, the ESPN comment board is a dangerous place to visit during the playoffs.