Leodis McKelvin on Colts STs: “They’re a solid group”

A punt return for a TD by Julian Edelman killed the Colts last week. 

Now they're facing the Buffalo Bills and NFL's top punt returner Leodis McKelvin. He has scored 2 TDs and has an average of 21.9 yards a punt return. On kickoff returns, he's averaging 28.3 yards (7th). 

Meanwhile, the Colts STs are allowing an average of 13.7 yards on punt returns (30th). On kickoffs, it's 25.3 (23rd). 

For McKelvin though, those numbers don't mean a lot:

"How they're playing on special teams is totally different than how they rank," McKelvin said. "They're a solid group.

"Just like the Houston special-teams corps. When we played them, it was the same thing. People were saying in their newspaper they rank really low and they have a dynamic returner coming in, and that would be a problem. But they didn't have a problem on special teams."

Still, it sounds like a hell of a matchup for Buffalo.