Landry Out, Prompting “Injury Club” in Indy

Besides Indy's other safety (I'm still a Bethea fan), Pat Angerer is doubtful – but not out, like Landry – against San Francisco on Sunday, according to NBC Sports. Initial reports indicated the following:

The Colts, who have no shortage of injury concerns, are expected to be missing one of the NFL’s leading tacklers for Sunday’s game at San Francisco. Free safety LaRon Landry, who has 26 stops in two games for Indianapolis, was ruled out on the club’s injury report Friday after missing his third consecutive practice with an ankle injury.

However, breaking news would indicate otherwise. In fact, given the even spacing of Indy's injuries, players have confirmed that Indy is starting an injury club to go along with their 2013 squad.

"We tried to start something last year," said Vick Ballard, "but Don wasn't the most charismatic guy, and we needed more consistent regulars. Hopefully, Dwayne and I can solidify it over the next few weeks."

Ballard went down with a freak season-ending leg injury last week, knowing that any chance at a solid IC this year would depend on a good starting team. Along with teammates Thomas and Allen, Ballard has been laying the framework for group meetings, frequent Madden sessions, and 'exotic food' night.

Thomas was doubtful at first, but last Sunday convinced him otherwise.

"I was considering sitting out of the IC for a few weeks, I knew that [Vick] had it under control. Then on Sunday, I was like, nah man. I have to be there for my teammates. They need me off the field? Off the field I go." This week, Thomas has asked a few defensive guys to try it out, saying that it "wouldn't be fair" for the offense to have all the fun.

Meanwhile, Coach Pagano has expressed doubts about the club. "I know that it's important for players to miss the season, collaborate outside of work," said Pagano, while poring over a list of free agents. "Thing is, we still need, like, 50 guys to play every week, so I'm just asking them to not get injured until I can find those other guys." He smiled. "Andrew [Luck] wanted to join as well – that guy's such a leader – but I told him to wait on it. Maybe later in the season, we'll see."

Trent Richardson has already expressed his interest in joining at some point.