Kuharsky: Will Lewis’s News Impact the Colts?

Ray Lewis recently announced that he'd be retiring next year, an unsurprising decision for any other player with his age and status (he's been gone for a few months with a triceps injury), but this is Ray Lewis. Anyway, Paul Kuharsky has a brief report, along with whether the news will impact the way Indy plays on Sunday.

"There will be a ton of energy,” Colts coach Chuck Pagano, who worked as part of the Ravens defensive staff before the Colts hired him. “ … He’s their leader."

I hate to say it, but a tiny part of me hopes he retires next Monday – right?

*I'm sorry for anyone who saw "Pat Kuharsky' and immediately thought that the NFC South and AFC South were merging … despite how cool an idea that would be, I'd actually just mistyped Paul's name.