Kuharsky: Toler Leaves With a Concussion

Just as my Cassius Vaughn nightmares were subsiding, this: according to Paul Kuharsky of ESPN, Greg Toler has missed practice after being diagnosed with a concussion on Wednesday. While apparently minor, it has caused the fourth year DB to miss the last few days of practice.

Toler joined a growing list of injured players at Anderson University, a Division III school about 25 miles northeast of Indy where training camp is being held. Receiver LaVon Brazill missed the afternoon workout with an abdominal injury and linebacker Mario Harvey finished practice on the sideline after injuring his hamstring.

Still, this will mean increased first-team practice for guys like Cassius Vaughn and Darius Butler. Even with Indy's defensive blundering last season, Butler still came up to make some big defensive plays on a squad with too few. With a bit more practice, assuming that Toler and Butler will be the 2nd and 3rd DBs (behind Vontae Davis), more practice for guys like Vaughn is good.

(also known as a silver lining. In reality, we're all waiting with bated breath for Toler's return)