Kuharsky: Manning’s lonely existence

Paul Kuharsky followed up on Bob Kravitz’s revealing interview with Peyton Manning with a few poignant thoughts of his own:

Certainly Manning controlled a lot about how the Colts played and ran their offense. He had an influence on the direction of things. He had strong relationships with Jim Irsay, Bill Polian, Tony Dungy, Jim Caldwell and many others. 

He also played into the Polian paranoia and the thing where only a small circle of people were in the know, and that’s part of what Irsay has chosen to blow up with big change. That’s an overall good development. I don’t know if Manning thinks so or not. 

Manning certainly likes control, and obsessing over details is his prerogative and part of what has made him great. But I believe his actual control over a lot of things has been generally overplayed. 

It’s a lonely existence for him right now.

It’s a terrific point and one that so many miss. While everyone assumes Manning has a great deal of control within the Colts organization the reality is likely much different.  And as Peyton watched those he’s come to know and trust leave the building perhaps he too recognizes how little say he has in the future of the organization.

Todd Smith

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