Kuharsky: Colts Run Game on the Rise

Sorry for a second Kuharsky bit in as many days, but his analysis on the Colts run game against Tennessee is sharp. As he mentions, either the Colts have been playing teams with poorer run defenses as of late, or Indy finally has some semblance of a ground game. About runs up the middle of the field:

In their first six games, they averaged 3.1 yards on such runs. Against the Titans they boosted that number all the way to 6.1. In their first six games, they had four runs of 10 yards or more on such carries. Against the Titans they had three.

On their final two drives – the two that won them the game – their ground game was incredibly effective. My favourite run, by far, was when Luck ran a QB sneak 'up the gut', but actually cut right and went for six yards.

This team is becoming very fun to watch.