Kuharsky: Colts’ monster-building ahead of schedule

The Colts have been Building the Monster.  And ESPN's Paul Kuharsky believes they're ahead of schedule.  This team certainly is ahead of where many of them thought they could be.  They have a rookie quarterback who is of the mindset that he wants to win now.  Not a couple years down the road when he hits his stride.  Now.  They have a defense that already wasn't great before changing schemes and losing veteran players.  They just keep defiantly plugging away.  According to Kuharsky, a fairly objective observer, they're also hard not to like:

It’s hard not to feel good for them all. Start with general manager Ryan Grigson, who has pieced together a likeable group of fighters, some of whom are overmatched and won’t be around for the long term but have plugged in as functional pieces of a team with an emphasis on being a family.

Regardless of what happens from here on out, whether their lack of talent catches up to them, or they just keep coming up with enough plays to win; the future is bright for this team.  And that future may be sooner than many of us expected.  #Chuckstrong

Read Kuharsky's article.  It's good stuff. 




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