Kuharsky: Colts Fans Should Root For Houston

Last night, along with most Colts fans who realize that they might catch Houston this year, I was hoping for a Chicago victory. The Bears did prove that one needs at least some semblance of an offense to win a game, but their loss meant that, at 8-1, Houston is probably uncatchable. Paul Kuharsky goes a step further by saying we should actually be cheering for Houston, for a simple reason:

If Houston has nothing to play for in the regular-season finale, it won’t hesitate to rest people. We saw the Texans do it last season, when they also avoided overtime in their last game before the playoffs.

This makes perfect sense. If the Colts only need nine wins to make the playoffs, they're three away; they play Buffalo and Tennessee at home, and Kansas City on the road. Assuming they lose one of those games, their remaining schedule is against New England, Detroit, Houston, and Houston.

Not an easy schedule by any stretch, especially as three of those games are away from Lucas Oil.

Should the Colts beat Kansas City on the road? Like every other team, yes. Should they beat Buffalo and Tennessee, possible closing out their home record at 6-2? Sure. But if they fail to close, that final regular-season game could be very important.