Kuharsky: AFC South Wrap-up

Are the Houston Texans really 0-10 in Indianapolis? Is Jacksonville really about to finish their worst season ever? Is JJ Watt really three sacks away from breaking an NFL record? Pat Kuharsky has all the answers in this week's AFC South wrapup, or you can assume that the answer to all three is 'yes'. One big problem, Kuharsky says, has been Luck's recent inaccuracy.

Colts rookie quarterback Andrew Luck has thrown for an NFL-rookie-record 4,183 yards this season. He ranks seventh in the NFL in passing yards. But he’s been especially inaccurate the past month, often missing his targets high. Luck has completed less than half of his passes in four consecutive games. According to ESPN Stats and Info, Luck and the New York Jets' Mark Sanchez, who did it earlier this season, are the only players in the past 10 seasons to complete less than half their passes in four straight games with at least 20 attempts in each game.

This saddens me greatly, but there it is. On a positive note, Luck is 3-1 in those games. Also – and this is the funniest stat Kuharsky reports – Jacksonville (with a win this week) would move to 3-3 against the AFC South, while Tennessee would move to 0-6 on the season.