Kravitz: Who was Caldwell?

Bob Kravitz looks back at the Caldwell years and notes the city never accepted him as they had his predecessor:

If Caldwell should have regrets about his short time as head coach, it should be that he didn’t have more of a backbone. Even if he wasn’t a puppet, that was the vibe you got. And fans and media saw that. While he never lost that locker room, it was like he lost the city. And not just because he was unemotional on the sidelines, which seemed to work fine for Tom Landry, Bill Walsh and so many others. Heck, Tony Dungy was unemotional.

But we got to KNOW Tony Dungy. We saw a glimpse of his soul. He opened up to people. When he was asked his opinion on an issue besides football, he had something to say. Caldwell never did that. It’s largely why a man who went 24-8 his first two seasons as the Colts head coach never quite resonated in this city.