Kravitz: Twitter changes it all

Over the last week Twitter played quite a role in the way news about the ever-changing Colts front-office was reported.  Jake Query tweeted that Jim Caldwell would be retained. Bob Kravitz and Brad Wells had a little disagreement via Twitter.  Last, but not least, Rob Lowe broke some news on Twitter about Peyton Manning and provoked a disturbing response from Jim Irsay.

Kravitz learned a few things and admits it this morning:

Wednesday morning, I saw where Jim Thomas, the respected St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter who covers the Rams, reported the Colts had reached out to new Rams coach Jeff Fisher in recent days.

From the beginning of the GM search process, I believed the Colts would reach out to Fisher, and flat-out misspoke when I told Pro Football Talk they had done so. What I meant to say was, I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had reached out to him. (I shouldn’t talk before coffee.)

I was later told by a very trustworthy source the Colts didn’t have much interest in Fisher, so when Thomas wrote his note, I essentially re-tweeted it and noted it was possible that after Grigson arrived, the view of Fisher changed within the organization.

Irsay tweeted that was wrong.

Until Irsay lies to me, I’ll take him at his word.

Todd Smith

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