Kravitz: Pagano in the mold of Harbaugh

Bob Kravitz did some background digging and spoke with John Harbaugh to give us some insight into Chuck Pagano. Like both of the Harbaughs he’s viewed as enthusiastic, energetic and well-liked. Will is translate to wins? Kravitz draws some comparisons:

In large part, Pagano is what I call a media-guide guy. When we learned the Colts had hired Pagano, I immediately went to the media guide and looked for information. And what I found is a guy whose background reminds me of Harbaugh, Mike Smith and Mike Tomlin, the head coaches of the Ravens, Falcons and Steelers, respectively. Pagano doesn’t have a ton of experience at the highest level of coaching in the NFL, but he’s a solid, if low-wattage, low-marquee-value choice to grow with this newly reconstituted team.

Just because he doesn’t have a big name now doesn’t mean he won’t become a big name down the road. Who knew Harbaugh when he got the Baltimore job after being a special teams coordinator and defensive backs coach? Or Smith, a Jacksonville defensive coordinator for five years? Or Tomlin, a defensive coordinator for the Vikings for just one year?

Either he has it or he doesn’t, and Irsay, who’s got a pretty good track record with these things, thinks Pagano has it.

Todd Smith

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