Kravitz: I misspoke

Bob Kravitz clarified his “noodle arm” comment about Peyton Manning and chalked it up to a poor attempt to be funny:

I misspoke.

I do that sometimes on radio, especially when I haven’t had my coffee.

I’ll give you the background in a second, but here’s the deal: What I’ve heard is he’s throwing OK. Not terrible, not great like an NFL quarterback. He’s progressing. Or, as Jim Caldwell would say, “trending in the right direction.” It could be Mike Lombardi is right when he says he can’t throw left. It could be Bill Polian was right when he said he’s throwing really well. All I know is what I’ve heard: He’s throwing OK.

So back to the “noodle arm.”

I was trying to be funny, flippant, basically saying you don’t spend 35 million bucks on a quarterback with a noodle arm. In my head, I was thinking, “He used to have a laser rocket arm, now it’s closer to a noodle arm.”