Kravitz: Have the Colts Lost Their Magic?

To push all the garbage to the back, a quick recap of Sunday's game: problems, strange playcalling, stranger reffing, and too many late-game errors. The defense looked bad, the offense has looked better. Oh well. It was one week.

Bob Kravitz, meanwhile, tends to disagree. Kind of. He writes that yesterday, the Colts may have lost their "late-game-magic", may have lost their chance at another good season by running out of luck. No pun Intended.

Luck always gets a ton of the credit when the Colts pull out games like these — and he should — but he deserves some of the castigation for the way things unfolded during that fourth quarter.

"Disappointing last series," he said. "I don't think I handled a lot of those plays well. I think some of those, instead of throwing the ball up for grabs, take the underneath guy, get 5 yards and get in second-and-5 instead of ending up second-and-10, third-and-10, fourth-and-10. So I don't think I managed that particularly well."

I noticed something different. For the first time this season, and as I rarely saw last season, Luck became frustrated with his offense, with his team in general. Think about it: he throws the ball for multiple touchdowns, gets one revoked because of a bad call. His receivers get very few breaks, and his line gives him all of three seconds per down. Last week, he was forced to go to the ground.

Sure, my brother and I went nuts about it. High-fives were exchanged. But, at the end of the day, Luck should need to run the ball. On Sunday, he felt like he had to. At the end of the day, he was forcing nearly every play; hence, the loss.

Is their fourth-quarter magic fading? It was never magic; it's always been Luck's ability to see things in perspective, play aggressively, and to have confidence in his team. Without confidence, everything falls apart. At this point, Luck's confidence in his offense – and ours, in their team – is beginning to waver. That's all.