Kravitz: Colts should forget this loss immediately

Last Sunday's loss was awful. Painful. Humilliating. Devastating.

It was by far the toughest matchup of the season so far. 

It was a promising start, but after the Colts 14-7 lead, nothing went right for them. The Patriots, especially Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski were unstoppable. Andrew Luck had his worst game of the season. Arians again made terrible choices. It was frustrating.

There's a lot to learn from this game, that's for sure. However, the Colts shouldn't be obsessed with the loss. 

Bob Kravitz might agree with this:

"Forget about Luck's two interceptions returned for touchdowns. Forget about the miserable special teams play, especially the punt-coverage team. Forget about the sloppy secondary play, the Patriots getting everything and anything they wanted down the field. Forget about the dropped passes, and the missed tackles, the questionable clock management near the end of the first half and the dubious decision to punt with 4th-and-4 at the Patriots 34 trailing by 14.

Forget the 24-hour rule, which allows players and coaches to celebrate a win or grieve a loss for no longer than 24 hours. Institute the 24-second rule. The Colts get 24 seconds to feel badly about this performance, and then it's on to a winnable, need-to-win game at home next Sunday against Buffalo."

As fans, we probably got caught in the hype after a nice 4-win streak. But let's be honest, the matchup was really tough for the Colts. A W was really unlikely. Nobody expected this D to have a decent game. 

In the end, the outcome of the game wasn't really shocking. 

It's not all bad though. At 6-4 and with a great shot at getting to the playoffs, this kind of loss will surely help.  It also shows the reality of the team and reminds everyone that there's still a long way to go. Just as Colts rookie TE Dwayne Allen said:


"The game in its entirety told everyone that we are not good enough yet to be a championship contending team. The best thing about that is that we have six weeks to get better and prove we are a playoff team."